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Yoyogi Village: Urban Retreat

May 21, 2012

Enter the “Village”…

Main Attraction: code kurkku

Stunning Space. Stunning Design.

Love the vertical garden so much.

Beautiful Mood Lighting

I like suspension lamps.

Bar Area

Nicely picked furniture pieces

Another example of a total branding project, interpreted from an interior design and architecture angle.

Yoyogi Village is the latest collaboration of music gurus Takeshi Kobayashi and Shinichi Osawa, branded as “Kurkku”, landscape designer Seijun Nishihata, and my favorite Hall of Fame interior designer Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall.

The idea is to create an “Urban Retreat” at the heart of metropolitan Tokyo, providing an exclusive and relaxing retail and dining experience. Patrons can sense the exuberance of city life, while enjoying a “Great Escape” from the everyday hassles. The feature attraction is “code kurkku”, which combines a lounge area, a music bar, and a restaurant serving Kyoto-Italian organic cuisines.

Now, I really wanna go to Tokyo……

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