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Mercato by Jean Georges: When Italian Cuisine Meets Vintage French Design

February 18, 2013

Got a chance to visit this nice Italian restaurant in Shanghai on the 1st day of Chinese New Year (mainly because all other chinese restaurants were either closed or fully booked). Originally I thought it would just be another over-priced tourist spot, stealing the beautiful view of the Bund. To my surprise, it was actually very reasonably priced and the food was very decent indeed. And I was definitely more attracted to the great interior design – the old wood flooring, the iron structure, the vintage decor and furniture, the wall details and cement texture, the mood lighting, AND, the mesmerizing VIEW.

It is vintage French loft design at its best, perfectly matching with the old colonial buildings at the Bund.

Next time you visit Shanghai, don’t forget to go to Mercato by Jean Georges, on the 6th Floor at Three on the Bund.

mercato 1

The Entrance

mercato 2

Iron skeleton throughout the interiors

mercato 3

Vintage cabinets and decor

mercato 4

Matching with vintage furniture

mercato 5

The Long Table

mercato 6

Overseeing the Bund

mercato 7

Private Function Room

mercato 8

Bar Area

mercato 9

All you can drink!

mercato 11

Nice Wall Detail

mercato 12

Capturing the stunning view of the Bund

mercato 10

Waiting Area

mercato 13

Enjoy the Food!

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