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We don’t just DESIGN, we STYLE.

April 25, 2013

Many people have said they love our work, especially the photos, that they feel very “international”.

Thank you. We really appreciate your support.

In reality, we have to go through a very long preparation to get the design right, thus getting the photos right.

First, we have to match the overall design with the right furniture pieces and lamps, after looking at many different designers from around the world. Then, we have to find the right decor items…… the bottles, the posters, the books, the cushions. And when it comes to the actual photo shooting day, we need to bring some extra props to fill up the place. It usually takes us several hours to set up the place before we can start taking the 1st picture. We have to make sure the carpet is folded right, adjust the position of every item, the angle of the chair and look at other little details…… as they appear in the viewfinder of our poor little camera. Finally, when we look at the selected pictures from the computer, we have to do some minor color grading, cropping and retouching to make them feel “magazinesque”.

There is a reason we call our service “Interior Design & Styling”, because, STYLING, is just as important as INTERIOR DESIGN. And of course, it gets a little more time-consuming since we insist to design each home a little differently, to follow our brand “hoo”, which stands for “home of one, one of a kind”.

Hope you can see all the efforts that go into it.

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