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Scandinavian Design? Yes. And we also do French, Industrial, Minimal and so much more.

August 29, 2014

I recently did quite a few interviews (Property Times, U Magazine, South China Morning Post, Southside Magazine…) on Scandinavian design in Hong Kong. It’s good to know we are getting more and more appreciation for our focus and promotion on this particular style in recent years. And as every journalist asked me, why Scandinavian? Here is what I think:

1. It’s clean, stylish, and not as cold as minimal.

2. It’s suitable for the limited space in Hong Kong.

3. It has a strong heritage from the good old mid-century modern days.

4. It is flexible.

5. It feels human.

6. And, it’s very affordable.

Let me show you some of the previous Scandinavian projects we did and you can get a feel of how Scandinavian style looks in real life.

And of course, we don’t restrict our work to Scandinavian style only. As I believe everyone is different so every home should have its own character, we also do other designs like French, Industrial, Minimal, so on and so forth.

Just tell us about yourself, and let us create HAUTE COUTURE homes for you.


Project Evelyn: Mid-Century Danish


Project Celine: Contemporary Scandinavian


Project Sophia: Rustic Nordic

Jami & Jami

Project Jami & Jami: Scandinavian Kid


Project Sheryl: Feminine Scandinavian


Project Vicky: Industrial


Project Megan: Art Deco


Project Nellie: Colorful Minimal


Project Gloria: Contemporary French


Project Bridget: Rustic European


Project Giselle: Contemporary Minimal

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