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March 16, 2016

CONFESSION: We are not professional chefs.

We just design professional kitchens of various sizes for clients with different needs. Some like the streamline showroom aesthetics since they never cook. Some want it super durable for heavy duty usage. Some avoid clutter and keep everything concealed. Some just want to showcase all the kitchenware they have. After all, it’s a very personal choice.

Let’s take a look at some of our own kitchen designs since 2009. What’s your favorite?


Project Bridget


Project Eve


Project Gloria


Project Gloria


Project Ingrid


Project Jodi


Project Josie


Project Minni


Project Nellie


Project Nita


Project Olivia


Project Rose


Project Sophia


February 22, 2016

Based on some bathroom studies, the average amount of time people spend in the bathroom every day is about 30 minutes. But one in four of us spend more than an hour. Some people like to meditate inside the shower. Some reads while taking a bath. And if you are a woman you are very likely to be spending well over an hour in the bathroom.

In other words, that’s really a significant amount of time in our busy everyday life.

To us, it means this holy secret place of yours better look good.

Over the years, we have designed more than 80 different bathrooms (and counting…) for different clients. Minimal and Contemporary. French. English. Rustic. Industrial. Scandinavian. Geometric. Eclectic. You name it. To start off this year of the Monkey, let us look back at some of our own favorite bathroom designs, since 2009.



Project Cheri: Master Bathroom


Project Bridget: Guest Bathroom


Project Bridget: Master Bathroom


Project Celine: Master Bathroom


Project Evelyn: Guest Bathroom


Project Evelyn: Master Bathroom


Project Gloria: Guest Bathroom


Project Jodi: Guest Bathroom


Project Jodi: Master Bathroom

Minni_Guest 1

Project Minni: Guest Bathroom

Minni_Guest 2

Project Minni: Guest Bathroom


Project Minni: Master Bathroom


Project Nellie: Master Bathroom

Nita_Master 1

Project Nita: Master Bathroom

Nita_Master 2

Project Nita: Master Bathroom


Project Olivia: Master Bathroom


Project Robyn: Master Bathroom

The Mecca of Design: Design Museum Danmark

October 19, 2015

On my recent trip to Copenhagen, I finally got a chance to visit the holy shrine: Design Museum Danmark.

To everyone in the interior design field, especially us who has been doing so many Scandinavian designs in recent years, it was a dream come true. I was basically like a kid in the candy shop, running around the museum, studying each and every piece, admiring these Hall of Fame original designs up close and personal. Looking at those thoughtful details, those forms and curves, those materials and structure, it’s easy to see why these designs never go out of style, after almost a century.

I can only wish everyone shares the same respect for originality and creativity as much as I do. And we can all create, and enjoy more timeless designs for years to come.

design museum danmark 1


design museum danmark 2

Recognize these pieces?

design museum danmark 3

Love these kid-friendly furniture.

design museum danmark 4

Timeless industrial design…

design museum danmark 5

The Oriental Influence

design museum danmark 6

Design is POP.

design museum danmark 7

The Original Arne Jacobsen Collection

design museum danmark 8

Hall of Fame

design museum danmark 9

Their original hand sketches more than half a century ago, simply beautiful.

design museum danmark 10

The 100 years-old Faaborg Chair


September 1, 2015

We recently got invited by Carl Hansen & Son, the all-time classic Danish furniture guru, to join their tour in Denmark. After doing (or we can proudly say “pioneering”) so many Scandinavian designs over the last few years, it was such an honor to finally get the chance visit the country, to experience it up close and personal.

A small group of selected dealers and designers from around the world got together in Copenhagen for a 3-day private tour. We visited the factory where the world famous CH24 chairs and other furniture pieces are passionately handcrafted. We learned the history of Carl Hansen & Son and Rud. Rasmussens from the man behind all these, Mr. Knud Erik Hansen, understanding all the success stories of these world famous furniture brands over the last century. We got to share our professional experiences with each other. We celebrated originality and design. It sure was a memorable and valuable trip for everyone involved.

Once again, thank you Carl Hansen for the tour. Thank you Morten and Knud Erik. Thank you Katrina from Manks. If anyone interested in using Carl Hansen furniture in their homes or offices, just contact Manks, the official distributor in Hong Kong.

Good design lasts a lifetime. Please support original design as there is simply no soul in all those replicas.


Private tour to the factory where they make the iconic CH24


Mr. Knud Erik Hansen, CEO fo Carl Hansen & Son, gives us a passionate tour.


Passionate Craftsmanship Indeed


The CH24 lineup. Want one?


Benny, the Weaver


What is your favorite color?


Ready to ship to the World


The Fabric Station


CH07 walnut shells, ready for upholstery.


RUD. RASMUSSENS, another iconic Danish furniture brand owned by Carl Hansen & Son


The 100 years Faaborg Chair. Good design lasts a lifetime.


Another personal favorite, Safari Chair


The Wood Dungeon


Every piece is hand-crafted.


Carl Hansen & Son Flagship Store in downtown Copenhagen


How about this as a feature wall?


All the timeless classic pieces in one room


Black Chair Exhibition


RUD. RASMUSSENS flagship store right opposite to Carl Hansen & Son


The signature Faaborg Chair


They said it takes about 20 hours to weave one of these……


Tarnet Restaurant, featuring CH88 as dining chairs


Thank you Carl Hansen & Son, for inviting all of us over from around the world.


Our Stay: SP34 Copenhagen, one of the Carl Hansen featured design hotel


Industrial Style Guest Room


How about these CH88?


And these OW149?


March 18, 2015
Happy New Year Everyone! Wishing all a great year ahead.

We are sorry to start this wonderful year with a very disturbing news. It has come to our attention that there are 2 interior design companies (one in Hong Kong, one in Macau, operated by the same person) that have been STEALING our work for a considerable period of time. They have been shamelessly putting OUR work on their company websites, YouTube channel, and other relevant corporate and promotion materials, claiming our very unique and individualized DESIGNS to be theirs, and therefore potentially cheating and stealing clients.

This is a very serious crime. It’s FRAUD. It’s COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT to our designs and the project photos that were taken and owned by us. It’s INVASION OF PRIVACY to our clients’ homes, since they have granted us, and only us, the exclusive usage of those photos.

We strongly condemn such pathetic and disgusting behavior. It’s very shocking and upsetting to see it happening in Hong Kong. It’s a disgrace to the interior design field. And a slap in the face to all of us who are working our hearts out in the creative industry, day in and day out. 

This cowardly theft should never be tolerated under any circumstances.

Given the seriousness of the situation, we have already handed this case to the police and our legal advisors, and informed our clients accordingly. We hereby reserve the rights to further legal actions if necessary and are determined to do whatever it takes to ensure justice is served.


Hinley Lam Kai Hin of Deux Creative (Hong Kong) & Koodos Design (Macau), if this is your own twisted way of showing your “admiration” for us, we absolutely don’t appreciate it whatsoever. It’s ok to look up to us, but it’s DESPICABLE to steal from us. REMOVE those project images you stole from us IMMEDIATELY. And we urge you to come forward and issue a PUBLIC APOLOGY in a professional manner, for the theft you have committed over the years. Now it’s time to come clean. And maybe when it’s all said and done, you can officially apply for a trainee position at hoo and learn from all of us here, on how to actually “Be Original Be Creative”.

Creativity is not to be insulted.

Everyone at hoo

Scandinavian Design? Yes. And we also do French, Industrial, Minimal and so much more.

August 29, 2014

I recently did quite a few interviews (Property Times, U Magazine, South China Morning Post, Southside Magazine…) on Scandinavian design in Hong Kong. It’s good to know we are getting more and more appreciation for our focus and promotion on this particular style in recent years. And as every journalist asked me, why Scandinavian? Here is what I think:

1. It’s clean, stylish, and not as cold as minimal.

2. It’s suitable for the limited space in Hong Kong.

3. It has a strong heritage from the good old mid-century modern days.

4. It is flexible.

5. It feels human.

6. And, it’s very affordable.

Let me show you some of the previous Scandinavian projects we did and you can get a feel of how Scandinavian style looks in real life.

And of course, we don’t restrict our work to Scandinavian style only. As I believe everyone is different so every home should have its own character, we also do other designs like French, Industrial, Minimal, so on and so forth.

Just tell us about yourself, and let us create HAUTE COUTURE homes for you.


Project Evelyn: Mid-Century Danish


Project Celine: Contemporary Scandinavian


Project Sophia: Rustic Nordic

Jami & Jami

Project Jami & Jami: Scandinavian Kid


Project Sheryl: Feminine Scandinavian


Project Vicky: Industrial


Project Megan: Art Deco


Project Nellie: Colorful Minimal


Project Gloria: Contemporary French


Project Bridget: Rustic European


Project Giselle: Contemporary Minimal

Interior Styling: Langham Place Xiamen

August 4, 2014

In addition to interior design, we also do a lot of interior styling projects.

Recently, I got invited to work on the interior styling for Langham Place Xiamen, a very nice contemporary design hotel. I had to style 20+ different venues in the hotel, for professional photography. Pick the fabrics. Set the tables. Design the flower arrangements. Decorate the spaces. And sometimes, move the sofas and tables.

We were scheduled to take over 20 nicely set-up shots within a week. Very tight timing. Very limited local sourcing options. Very challenging to the creative mind. Yet a very interesting experience.

Once again, thank you Langham for the invitation. Guess the final photos won’t be ready until the end of this year. So, let me share some snapshots here.


Western Banquet

Western Banquet

Chinese Banquet

Chinese Banquet

Private Lounge

Private Lounge







Beautiful Islands of Xiamen

Beautiful Islands of Xiamen

Color Magic: Paint Graphic

June 27, 2014

Instead of making some totally out-of-place and unnecessary feature walls, sometimes your paint can do the magic. All you need to do is to pick your favorite colors, use your creativity in the graphic treatment and combinations, and see how that goes! Our suggestion would be to try it on a particular wall, but don’t do it all over the place. And you can definitely make that simple piece of art stand out. It will become the personal signature of your home.

Hopefully, we can finally get to do this in one of our projects this year. Anyone?

graphic paint 1

graphic paint 2

graphic paint 3

graphic paint 4

graphic paint 5

graphic paint 6

Steel Stool by Noon Studio: A Stool. A Table. A Bookshelf.

February 17, 2014

Recently saw this Steel Stool designed by Noon Studio.

It can be used as a magazine rack or side stool for your sofa or bed. It’s stackable to become a coffee table or bookshelf. It can match any contemporary home perfectly. Very simple and clever design indeed.

Want one? or four? or eight?

steel stool 1 steel stool 2 steel stool 3 steel stool 4 steel stool 5 steel stool 6

Play It Like LEGO: Bloc’d Sofa by Scott Jones

December 16, 2013

Bloc’d Sofa is a smart modular seating solution designed by US designer Scott Jones.

It reminds me of LEGO. It’s simple, flexible and playful. Just use your creativity and have fun with it! You can easily come up with many combination possibilities, offering multiple seating arrangements. It’s made of steel, soft maple and upholstered foam. With its contemporary look, it’s just the perfect option for the compact homes in Hong Kong.

I wonder when it will be available in Hong Kong and how crazy the dealers will mark it up for?

Like LEGO?

Like LEGO?

1 Seater

1 Seater

2 Seater

2 Seater

2 Seater with Armrest

2 Seater with Armrest

1 Seater/Daybed

1 Seater/Daybed



2 Seater Back-to-Back

2 Seater Back-to-Back

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